Better Cable Equals Faster Internet

With the constantly growing need for better and faster internet access, underground boring is especially needed right now. Without underground fiber optic cable, most broadband internet is limited to 20 – 50 MBs, depending on the copper cable quality. Let Neumiller step your access up a notch by installing underground fiber optic cable for your home or business!

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More Channels

One fiber optic cable can transmit up to 3,000,000 voice channels or 90,000 TV channels. Neumiller’s staff will install your fiber optic cable with perfect precision using our dependable, modern equipment. We’ll place your cable without even touching your driveway, parking lot, or landscape.

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Flexible Installations

We’ll install your fiber optic cable wherever works best for your property; our team has the ability to install underground or above ground. Do you currently have problems with electrical interference or lightning affecting your internet and TV? Fiber optic cable is immune to these kinds of interference, so you’ll have steady coverage when you need it.

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Careful Techniques

Our installation specialists use techniques and equipment designed to install fiber optic cable with as little trouble as possible. Using a grading beacon, your specialist will identify potential placement conflicts before installation to avoid damage. The cable can be installed anywhere inside a building by cutting a single-square-foot hole in a concrete floor.

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