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Do you need to get underground utilities up and running at your property? We have the equipment and the experienced team necessary to install your underground infrastructure using either directional boring or traditional trenching.

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Underground boring is about a lot more than simply running fiber-optic cable. Our team of professionals takes care of all the details that go into directional boring, which is more precise and less invasive than traditional excavation.

We can complete underground utility work for fiber, cable, conduit, sewer replacement, and more! Our seasoned professionals have completed many projects in the Iowa City area, from small residential installations to full-scale industrial projects.

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Working with underground power supply lines requires a lot of care and attention to detail. We’ve been building up our team of educated professionals since 2003, and our staff has seen every conduit obstacle in the book. Whether you need to distribute power across several miles or just between two buildings, Neumiller is ready and willing to meet your conduit installation requirements.

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Neumiller Electric strives to provide you with results that are nothing short of excellent, which is why we utilize professional, industry-standard equipment in every project we take on. We use all of our own equipment, including directional boring rigs, trenchers, and plows. Our high-quality machinery makes projects of all sizes go more safely and more efficiently!

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Why negatively impact the environment when it can be avoided? Some electrical contractors don’t use equipment and techniques that are considerate in the environment, resulting in torn-up landscapes and disrupted ecosystems. Neumiller Electric users the right equipment for the job so that the surrounding environment suffers as little impact as possible! We take the specific project area into consideration when selecting the equipment for each job.

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